Paul Cowan
Owner Engineer, Monospace Software LLC
Caucho Resin consulting
Java/JEE performance tuning
Back-end low-level Java/JEE programming
Clustering, load-balancing, high availability architectures
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Paul is a Java expert, having coded the language since Java version 1.1 in 1998. He has worked with J2EE since it was introduced in 1999, starting with the first Java application server called NetDynamics. For the past few years he has worked exclusively for a Java EE 7 application server vendor, writing and debugging the JEE APIs and low-level components that make up a JEE server. This position also included regularly speaking with customers, diagnosing issues, and remotely debugging JEE applications.

He is clear, coherent, and patient in helping engineers work through issues. He knows the right questions and where to look based on the description of the problem. Paul has debugged literally thousands of JEE application issues, from complex threading problems like race conditions, to simple configuration mistakes, to garbage collection performance problems.

Paul's primary expertise is JEE and low-level back-end system components such as threading, pooling, sockets, network protocols, caching, cloud and distributed computing, and database interaction.

He is also a skilled enterprise architect who can analyze your architecture and recommend technology, software, or code changes that will have the most impact. Paul has extensive experience with various caching, cloud, and database technologies. He is generally a proponent of using open-source rather than building it yourself.

Paul is a natural English speaking US citizen living in the Philadelphia suburbs. He regularly attends the Philadelphia Area Java Users Group and JavaOne conferences in San Francisco. He is an open-source proponent, having contributed bug fixes and enhancements to various open-source Java projects.

He has worked from home remotely for the past 7 years, so he knows what is required to stay focused and complete work through distractions.
Downingtown, PA USA
12:21 PM EDT
Not Available
US Citizen
English (Native)
Remote C2C or W2
Sun - Tues
Please contact Paul to discuss rates and availability.
Monospace Software LLC
3947 W Lincoln Hwy, Ste 311
Downingtown, PA 19335